Adaption to Enviorment and Will

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Adaption to Enviorment and Will

Postby Uni_Verse » Sat Oct 17, 2020 12:11 pm

To Adapt, To Survive ; By the Two We Thrive

Where is it you have chosen to live and how have you subsequently adapted to survive?

I recently moved across the United States.
From East Coast, to West Coast
From privilege, to hardship.
And .any other things.

It has been difficult, to say the least.
All my old habits became a Death Warrant.
Leading to a need for immediate change.

In the Darkness, and not wanting to be Alone, I return to the question...

Where do you live ? How have you adapted, what habits do you find your self taking on?
How do you see these as an expression of your Will?
A Magical Act.
There is only one verse,
sung in infinite ways.
I come or came?
I sung!
To seeD the Way
God sings,
WE experience:
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