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Concept of this PoW forum

Postby Jim Eshelman » Thu Sep 12, 2013 6:23 am


As Pearls of Wisdom starts to get into people's hands (beginning in the next few days), my thought is that this sub-forum can be a place for discussing the various articles. Over 40 different articles are included (including three preliminary chapters that are introductions to Thelema in general). I invite and encourage all of you to create threads here if you want to discuss or comment upon those matters.

Here's the Table of Contents:

000 What is Thelema?
00 The Gods of Thelema
0 A New Era of Aspiration

It’s in the Basics
1 Give Yourself a Break!
2 Diaries & Dictionaries
3 Rehabilitating Subconsciousness
4 “Now is Yoga Explained”
5 The Ladders: Color is the Key

6 The Pentagram Ritual
7 The Hexagram Ritual
8 Liber Resh vel Helios
9 The Star Ruby: An Analysis (Part 1)
10 The Star Ruby: An Analysis (Part 2)
11 The Star Ruby: An Analysis (Part 3)
12 The Star Sapphire
13 Magick Power & Karma Yoga
14 Building the Pyramid: A Liber Legis Version
15 The Ritual of the Pyramid (Greek Adaptation)
16 Practical Notes on Evocation: A Personal Journey
17 Reflections: A Ritual of the Path of Mem

18 Latin Qabalah Simplex
19 Tarot Divination Summaries
20 The 32 Paths of Wisdom: The Sephiroth
21 The 32 Paths of Wisdom: Aleph
22 Aleph, the 11th Path

23 Sacred Readings for the Holy Season
24 Let the Scarlet Woman Beware!
25 The Eight Magi

Sexual Mysteries
26 Sexual Mysteries
27 Commentary on “The Book of the Ruby Star”
28 Temples of the Body: Bodily Dedication to the Great Work Through the Sexual Mysteries
29 Tantra & Tarot: An Interpretation of the 22 Atus of Tahuti

The Holy Guardian Angel
30 Angels, Phalluses, & the Sun
31 Letters From Saturn: Germer’s Writings on the HGA
32 The Magical Record of Brother Proserpinus
33 The Sleep of Siloam
34 Liber Amoris vel Calicis sub figurâ LXXII

The Path
35 Crawford: A Celebration of Life & Love
36 Purple Beyond Purple
37 One Bird in Flight
38 Some Musings on How Formulae Change as One Ascends the Tree of Life
39 The Soul in the Machine
40 Para-Bhakti Yoga
41 Ebon Sea of the Unknown
42 In the Going…

A Select Thelemic Holy Books (Liber L. vel Legis, Liber Cheth, Liber A'ash)
B Star Ruby & Star Sapphire (source)
C Qabalistic Basics
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